a specialty food store carries four popcorn flavors. the presentage of each type of flavor carried by the store is shown below All the boxes of cinnamon and cheese popcorn are displayed at the front entrance is the display has 60 boxes how many boxes of popcorn does the store have in allkettle corn 60%caramel popcorn 10%cinnamon popcorn 15%cheese popcorn 15%(answers) A 400B 200 C 100D 30

Accepted Solution

Answer:200 Boxes of PopcornStep-by-step explanation:To find the total amount of popcorn boxes there are in the store, we need to consider the amount of boxes displayed at the front of the store.We have:60 boxes = Cinnamon + Cheese60 boxes = 15% + 15%60 = 30% of the total boxes in the store.Now we know that 60 boxes is equivalent to 30%, we can use this to find the number of kettle corn.60 + 60 = 12030% + 30% = 60%This means that we have 120 Kettle Korn boxes.We can also use the amount of 60 boxes to find what 10% will be equivalent to.60 boxes = 30%So if we divide the number of boxes by 3, we'll get the 10% of the total number of boxes.60/3 = 30%/320 = 10%So all in all we have:120 Kettle Korn60 Cinnamon + Cheese20 Caramel120 + 60 + 20 = 200There are 200 popcorn boxes in the store.