Andres has paid 240000 for the registration and three months of a piano course for his daughter. If the registration had a cost of 30000, write the function that represents the situation, then graph it and determine the value of 10 months of the course

Accepted Solution

Answer: Function: 240000=30000+3x10 months: 70000Step-by-step explanation: so basically the total was 240000 so that’s why we set it equal to that number. we got 3x because he paid for 3 months of piano, that’s the slope because it’s the number that is constant, basically the number that he pays every month. 30000 is for the registration fee, he paid that once and he doesn’t have to pay it again (y-intercept)when you solve that you get x= 7000 and that is how much he pays per month. So for 10 months, you multiply 7000 by 10 and that is 70000 for 10 months. I hope that helped.