Jagdish is 3 years younger than Resham and Rajesh is 5 years older than Jagdish. If the product of present age of Resham and Rajesh is 960.How old is Jagdish?​

Accepted Solution

Answer:Jagdish is 27 years oldStep-by-step explanation:Jagdish=xResham=x+3Rajesh=x+5(x+3)(x+5) = 960x²+8x+15=960x²+8x=945x²+8x-945=0now factor this to solve(x-27)=0 (x+35)=0which meansx=27 and x=-35obviously, we cannot have negative ages so we use x=27so, Jagdish=27Resham=30Rajesh=32and we can check this by doing 30x32 which does equal 960 so it is correct