what’s the definition of input and output?

Accepted Solution

Input is the same as the x-term and output is the same as the y-term.For example, take a look at the image provided with thee table.Looking at the first box of our table, notice that if we subtract 5 from 1, we get -4 and if we subtract 5 from 2 we get -3 and if we subtract 5 from 3, we get -2.  Notice that in each case, we're subtracting 5 from the input to get the output.I attached a table so you can practice if you'd like to. All you have to do is subtract 5 from each input and you will end up with the output. The first few are done for you. I also provided an answer key in the next image so you can check your work.The last one might be a little trick. In the input, we have n which is a variable that represents any number. If we want to find the nth term, we simply subtract 5. So we have n - 5.First image is practice if you'd like and the second is the key.If you don't want to do it, no worries.